Top tips to get your boat ready for summer season

Summer is the season for boating, and everybody knows it. After months locked up and inoperative, kick-starting the boat and expecting optimal performance with no issues might be too much to ask for, which is why it is better to prepare your boat for the boating season. All you have to do is some maintenance and servicing to ensure that it functions well throughout Summer and doesn’t develop any fault. Here, we list some tips to help you get your boat ready.

Clean the Exterior: After spending all the cold months without sailing, your boat would definitely need a thorough clean to remove all the grime, mildew, and damp on the body. You can get cleaning products for this purpose and also for the protection of the decks. If your boat has metal fittings, now is the best time to polish them to maintain their great look

Clean Interior: Your boat interior deserves a deep clean, and there is no better time than now. Clean it thoroughly and remove all salt residue to prevent dampness. This will make your time on it more enjoyable and, of course, hygienic.

Check the Rig: Inspect your rig before you start sailing, don’t think it is still in perfect shape because you have not touched it all winter. A rig failure is dangerous and expensive, so avoid it with a comprehensive rig check to confirm there are no cracks or wear in the rig. Better safe than sorry.

Servicing: This is the time to service many components of your boat. Starting from the Winches, ensure that they are fully serviced and running before you set out. Manufacturers advise that winch servicing twice a year. The next thing to service is the engine. You don’t want your boat to break down while you’re in the middle of the water. It doesn’t look good on you, can spoil everyone’s day, and is also dangerous. It is also advisable to service the salt-drive, and seacock of your boat as saltwater can damage these parts, and ignoring them could lead to a bigger problem.

Antifouling: This is best to get your boat antifouling done. It is advisable to do this once a year, at least to prevent the formation of scum and algae on the bottom of your boat. Ensure you use the service of a professional who will high-quality paints for the job. It is recommended that the previous coating should be scraped off as much as possible before you apply a new one.

Cathodic Protection: Ensure you have a functioning anode in preparation for Summer. This part is very cheap but will prevent your boat engine and prop from damage.

Recondition The Freshwater system: your boat freshwater cooling system should be functioning at an efficient level before you put it back on the water. This will prevent overheating and subsequent damage to your engine.

Once you have carried out thorough checks and servicing of the boat, sail away, and enjoy your Summer feeling relaxed and safe.

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