What comes to your mind when you hear a remanufactured long block? Well, it is simply a partial engine with features including an oil pump, the head and block with all their internal parts, and a gasket set for the other part of the engine that needs to be attached before the engine can work. At Remanufactured Marine, our remanufactured marine engines have many new features such as pins, piston rings, hypereutectic pistons, lifters and camshaft, high-quality gaskets, chain and timing gears, brass freeze plugs, and oil pump. Other features include cylinder heads, rod, and main bearings.

We remanufacture Long Block Engines of brands such as Ford, Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, Yamaha Marine, etc.

Each of our remanufactured marine engines is built to perform efficiently as a replacement engine for your boat. The remanufacturing process is a very thorough one, which is done in line with the OEM specifications and original blueprints.

The process includes the following steps.

  • Inspection of the cores for corrosion before they are disassembled to ensure the remanufactured engine is as durable newly manufactured engines
  • The cores are then disassembled.
  • The crankshaft and Engine blocks are placed in an oven to clean anything that remains of the core material thoroughly
  • the steel-shot machine is used to clean the Engine blocks further
  • An ultrasonic cleaner is used to clean the core material and engine blocks
  • The Engine blocks are then drilled, decked and blueprinted in line with OEM specifications using a Rottler CNC machine
  • An automatic Rottler hone uses diamond stones to hone the Engine blocks.
  • After the machining and honing, the Engine blocks are cleaned once more.
  • Assembly of the engines and testing on a Sim Test machine.

With this detailed process, each engine is fully primed and functional.

You can contact us today to make enquiries about the Remanufactured long block engine.