At Remanufactured Marine, we pride ourselves on producing some of the best remanufactured extended base engines in the market. Years of operations within the industry has equipped us with expertise and experience in remanufacturing. Our remanufactured engine as efficient as brand new and are available at a lesser cost.

They are rebuilt by skilled professionals using top quality machine parts. We pay close attention to details throughout the process, as evidenced in the precise machining, thorough cleaning, and comprehensive testing. We use all available means to correct the original design problems and give you your money’s worth.

The various tests that our remanufactured engines pass through include

  • Magnaflauxing: The structural integrity of the Engine blocks is tested using strong magnetic fields. This process can detect the tiniest bit of flaws in the structure, and this can be promptly corrected.
  • Spin testing: the engine is subjected to a speed higher than the actual operating speed, and these speed busts are used to determine how safe the engine would be when it is finally in use.
  • Pressure checks: The engine is further subjects to tests to determine if it can withstand that pressure. The same is done with hot water pressure tests.
  • The Remanufactured marine engine is also tested to determine its compression and oil flow.

The essence of these tests is to ensure that the remanufactured engine is in optimum condition as good as the new. You might be wondering why to buy our remanufactured marine engine when you can just get the new one. There are several reasons for this; for instance, our remanufactured engine is rid of all the defects that a factory-built engine may have. When you install Our remanufactured marine engine, you experience a different type of power in its excellent performance.

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