Boat maintenance service is not only restricted to the engine; Antifouling is one of the ways to keep your boat performing at an efficient level all the time, improve its fuel efficiency, and ensure its durability. Antifouling is a routine maintenance service that you should do at least once a year for your vessel’s optimal performance.

At Remanufactured Marine, we are experts in Detailing and Antifouling. Using quality and industry standards paints products to keep your boat in the best shape and protect your vessel hull for a much longer time.

With us, you get quality Antifouling service at competitive and affordable prices. You can get an approximate cost over the phone, and after contact and examination of the boat, you will get the exact cost. There are trained professionals in our team who specialize in this aspect of boat maintenance, and they put in their best work every time. The procedure for our Antifouling service is comprehensive, and it includes

  • Cleaning hull strainers and skin fittings,
  • Wet rubbing and acid washing for the running gear and hull to remove all contaminates
  • Water blasting the boat drives and hull before the barnacles are scraped off
  • Applying one or two PAC primers where a primer is necessary
  • Preventing your boat from overspray by masking it up before the applying paint
  • Using an airless spray instrument to apply two coats of well-prepared antifoul paint of the highest quality on the running gear and boat hull
  • Applying a third coat on the leading edges.

In this manner, your boat is fully protected from fouling all year round. In each Antifouling project, we use both ablative and hard Antifouling for different aspects to achieve the desired excellent result.

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