We provide different forms of outboard engine service to ensure your marine engine performs with maximum efficiency and speed. This is achieved through a comprehensive Performance tuning service, which includes tuning and prop testing, selecting the right propeller, blueprinting Engine, Boat handling, Re-distributing weight, balancing the fuel/air mixture of the carburettor, and many others.

We perform full and partial repair and maintenance services for marine engines manufactured by brands like Volvo Penta, Sabre, Scania, Yanmar, Bukh, Mercury, Vetus, Yamaha, Mermaid, Perkins, John Deere, and others. Our engineers and mechanics are manufacturer trained and familiar with all advancements and upgrades in old engines as well as newly released ones. All repairs and maintenances are done in line with our business standards, the manufacturers’ standards, and global standards.

At Remanufactured Marine, you will find the best and newest equipment for marine engine maintenance and repairs. Diagnostics are run both manually and electronically, and there are facilities for all other services we may have to perform. For instance, testing outboard engines can easily be done with our test tanks designed for that purpose.

Whatever the demands of the vessel are, whether it is used for commercial purposes or leisure, our mechanics and engineers strive to meet them all. This is because we understand the significance of the investment you have put into the boat in terms of time and money. Our job is to ensure you enjoy your investment by getting your boat up and running in no time and leaving your boat in the same condition as we met it.

Not only do we help your service your engine, but our mechanics also educate you on the various maintenance tips that you can do yourself after every boat trip to ensure your engine stays in good condition before periodic servicing.

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