We supply genuine and brand new engines that are built solely for marine use. They are produced by top manufacturers such as General Motors, Sterndrive, Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, etc. They are available in various specifications depending on the capacity and needs of the marine vehicle. They include

  • GM Marine Base Engine: This 3-litre engine is designed for marine use and has features such as Spark plugs, Oil pan, Harmonic balancer, Valve cover, High output coil, Circulating water pump, Coil to distributor cable, a 14″ flywheel, Mechanical fuel pump pad, Timing chain cover, Electronic distributor, among many others. It has a Horsepower of 140 H.P. @ 4800 RPM.
  • GM Marine Long Block Engine: This engine has a 5.7-litre capacity. It includes features such as intake manifold gaskets and flywheel. This engine is fuel-efficient while also performing effectively as an industrial workhorse. Other features include Spark Plugs, Harmonic Balancer, Valve Covers, Vortec Engine, Oil Pan, High Flow Cylinder Heads, etc. If you have an industrial boat or a yacht, this engine will be a perfect fit for your marine vehicle.
  • Genuine MerCruiser Engine:  This engine is 100% built for use in marine vehicles and sea crafts. It is built with cast iron blocks, which makes it durable and resistant to the harsh sea conditions. Its features include Standard Rotation, Tri-Metal bearings, A Cylinder Head cast in iron that has screw-in studs, hardened seats, and Black-X Valves. It has Horse Power between 135-140 HP.

There are many other types of engines that you can get depending on your needs. Each has its unique features, and our team is ever ready to guide through the choices. And you can rest assured that these engines are BRAND NEW.

You can contact us to inquire about the available engine.