Keeping your marine engine is necessary for efficient performance at all times. At Remanufactured Marine, we provide expert repair and maintenance service for all types of inboard engines regardless of configuration, model, or horsepower. Servicing with us covers changing the oil and filter, inspecting transmission fluid, replacing the water pump, basic services, annual services, and lots more. Our mechanics and engineer uses maintenance schedules from manufacturers to ensure your marine engine receives proper servicing as and when due.

We also provide winterising service for your inboard engine to strengthen it for the harsh colder months. This generally includes using antifreeze to flush the engine, proper cleaning, and lubrication of the engine, and applying fogging oil on the cylinders of the inboard engine.

With proper maintenance, the risk of your inboard engine breaking down is reduced to the barest minimum. But where a breakdown occurs, our experienced engineers and mechanics run a complete diagnostic service on the engine to find the real cause of the problem. Each engine component is tested to pinpoint the root of the engine failure, and this ensures that our repairs are holistic. We have standard and high- grade diagnostics equipment and software for this purpose.

Part of our inboard service is engine reconditioning. If you have an engine that no longer starts on time or is difficult to start, makes strange and unpleasant noise, burning oil, or not as fast as it used to be, we can restore it to almost as new. Doing this requires disassembling the engine, cleaning and inspection, and replacement of all worn-out or faulty parts. Only quality spare parts from trusted brands are used during the reconditioning to ensure optimal results and performance of your engine.

You can contact us today to make enquiries about different servicing and repair options for your vessel engine.