Servicing your diesel marine engine is essential as most boats or vessels that use diesel engines are commercial. You don’t want your business to go on break because of an engine breakdown that could have been prevented if you only serviced your engine. Most manufacturers provide maintenance guidelines for your engine to avoid malfunctioning, and we at Remanufactured Marine help you follow these guidelines to the letter. While some boat owners do try to perform maintenance services on their boat themselves, this is not advisable, and you may end up incurring unwarranted extra costs.

We are certified to maintain and repair marine diesel engines. This means our routine servicing of your engine will improve its performance levels, make it more fuel-efficient, decrease its level of emissions, and frequency of repairs, among many others.

Our team has a complete understanding of the diesel marine engine industry through years of experience, practice, and constant retraining to ensure they are working at global standards all the time. When you bring your engine to us for maintenance, repairs, or both, you can rest assured that it is in good hands and will be fixed in no time. We understand that your boat might be an important business vessel, which means you need it back on the water as soon as possible. Hence, our maintenance and repair services prioritize speediness without sacrificing the quality of service.

Our repair shop is fully equipped with the latest in grinding, machining, and calibrating equipment. Remanufactured Marine also provides reconditioning services for your engine so that we can save you the cost of buying a new one when the current one can still function at a very efficient level with little repair.

You can contact us today to make further enquiries on our diesel engine services.