Our mechanics and engineers are fully trained and specialized in the maintenance and repairs of Cat Generator Sets or Marine Engines. We provide this service to ensure your vessel’s safety, the reliability of your engine, and save you the money and time that would have to be spent if your engine should break down unexpectedly due to lack of maintenance.  This way, we offer preventive maintenance services.

Our Caterpillar engine service is comprehensive and includes a fluid analysis where we run diagnostics on coolant and oil to determine the condition of engine parts such as cooling systems, hydraulics, and transmission. With us, the process of maintenance and repairs is very simple, and we also help you purchase manufacturer-produced spare parts in cases where your engine needs such.

We believe that quality service is the hallmark of any business, so we ensure that that our repairs and maintenance are performed with the highest standards in mind. We are equipped in terms of equipment, facilities, and, most importantly, the human resources to repair and maintain all types of Cat Marine Engines regardless of whether it is used for pleasure or commercially. So you can get in touch with us for the repairs and maintenance of the dual-fuel engine, diesel engine, all fuel types, models, and size.

Our maintenance further includes oil analysis, repair of the water pump, repair of the heat exchanger, tune-ups, adjustments of valves, and other necessary services.

Proper and consistent maintenance of your Cat Marine Engine by a professional and experienced team like ours has many benefits such as

  • Ensures that your marine engine is more durable and last for a longer period
  • It saves you time and money that will be spent on repairs or breakdowns
  • Your vessel is generally safer and more reliable
  • Increases the efficiency and performance of your engine.

You can contact us today to make further enquiries about this service.