Remanufactured Marine

An Australian based dealership in boats and other marine vehicles engines

Remanufactured Marine is an Australian based dealership in boats and other marine vehicles engines. We sell both brand new and used/remanufactured engines capable of withstanding the harsh conditions they are exposed to. Our new and remanufactured engines can cope with sea grime, extreme temperatures, and continuous contact with saltwater while performing optimally and running for hours without a break. With our engines, you have nothing to worry about.

What We Do

At Remanufactured Marine, we provide a variety of services that guarantee that your marine vehicles stay in good shape. Our team is made up of professionals with knowledge and experience in all things Marine vehicles. From the most straightforward issues to the most technical problems that your marine vehicle could develop, you can count on us to provide quality global standard solutions that will your marine vehicle running and back on the sea in no time.

Our services include:

Our Clients

As a reputable dealer and service provider for various types of marine engines, both new and remanufactured. Our clients include everyone who uses the boats and seas for one purpose or another. These include fishermen, yacht and boat owners, cruise and ferry operators, governmental agencies, tug and salvage operators, dredging and offshore companies, among many others.

Why Choose Us

All-inclusive services

We can be your one-stop-shop for all things related to marine engines and services. We sell quality engines if your marine vehicle needs one. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, we also provide top-notch services and help you rebuild your marine engine into a stronger and more efficient one. If you are thinking of buying a new boat, we can also help you to secure finances for the acquisition. So you can buy a boat through us, maintain and repair it through us, and change its engine through us.

Seasoned and Professional Team

Our mechanics and engineers have decades of experience with different engines and know exactly where to look when there is a fault. We know the unique demands of marine engines and remain dedicated to giving you a worthwhile experience all the time.


Our services are available at competitive prices, and we can create individual payment plans tailored to your needs.

About Us

We are a reputable dealership that provides both new and remanufactured marine engines of the highest quality at affordable prices. We also offer maintenance and repair services.